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TraceGains Gather™️ is the world's only Networked Ingredient Marketplace.
Gain instant access to information from your trusted partners to build stronger relationships, achieve compliance, be agile, and visualize your supply chain.

Find Items & Suppliers

Discover new products and suppliers though the TraceGains Gather™️ comprehensive marketplace.
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Connect to Your Partners

Foster stronger relationships with your suppliers, manufacturers, and customers through TraceGains Gather™️ with seamless communication and collaboration tools. Easily manage your entire supply chain ecosystem, reducing lead times, optimizing inventory levels, and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Add your suppliers across the globe
  • Request documents from your suppliers
  • Manage item documents such as Allergens, Country of Origin, Nutrition and more

Streamline Document Sharing

Over 5,000,000 requests and counting...

Access and share vital documents and certifications with your supply chain partners in real-time. Our secure, centralized document repository ensures you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, minimizing errors and facilitating compliance with industry standards.
  • Manage and fulfill document requests from all your customers
  • Collaborate on specifications
  • Measure and scale your customer request service
  • Automation using PostOnce AI

Integrate Risk Management

Monitor thousands of data sources for food and consumer goods, providing insights on food-related risks and supplier information. View regulations and country market-entry guides to maintain compliance across 160+ countries.
  • Enhance compliance
  • Reduce supply chain risk
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • FDA, SGS Digicomply, RASFF
    Plus 3000 more global sources

Promote Your Business, Products, & Services

Showcase your company's unique offerings and expertise by creating a compelling profile on TraceGains Gather™️. Connect with potential clients, forge strategic partnerships, and drive new sales opportunities by leveraging our extensive network of supply chain professionals.
  • Responds quickly
  • Documents up-to-date
  • Become a Supplier Champion (coming soon...)

Team Project Collaboration

Workspaces is a powerful tool that helps you organize and collaborate on projects. Add content for sourcing and risk management, ensuring seamless teamwork within your organization.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and partners
  • Brainstorm new products, product claims, and more
  • Add items, suppliers, alerts, regulations, and more
  • Use templates for quick onboarding

Join TraceGains Gather™️ today and experience the unparalleled benefits of streamlined supply chain operations, enhanced collaboration, and limitless growth opportunities.


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